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My Home Town

The City of Dundee

No matter where I travelled in the world or where I lived, my heart always belonged to DUNDEE,
This is a much malinged and misunderstood city. To the visitor or outsider it can appear to be a dirty, disorganised and unfriendly backwater when the reality is that despite the efforts of the ruling council it is a vibrant friendly city with great shopping, a fabulous nightlife, ultra friendly people, a great cultural base and some of the best pubs in the world, not forgetting the best football team in Scotland.

OK the Terrors are going through a very lean period at the moment, which team hasnt, but
following the departure of the Mad Mullah, Jim McLean, the scourge of TV reporters everywhere
we can pull through and take our rightful place in the top half of the Scottish Premier League.

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